Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Herbalife testimonials

I lost another kilo, and 0.5 inches more on both my waist and butt which makes me now 49kg with **-25.5-36.5 body ratio. If according to my initial weight goal, I should now start maintaining my weight tapiiiii.... ada lagi 0.5 titik perpuluhan yg perlu dihilangkan di pinggang and another 1.5 inches di butt saya, plus my dream weight has now changed to 45-46kg. So there's only about 3-4 kilos to go. Whoopey-doo!!

Actually, 47kg sounds okay to me too. I don't really mind about my weight bcoz below 50kg sounds "ringan" to me already (if I'm below 48, I'm actually considered as underweight u know). I just need to lose more on the inches part. Which, should be achievable in the next couple of days. Or paling lama pon 1-2 weeks, if I don't control my diet sgt.

But the weird thing is, I don't really ikut betul2 the recommended diet plan, like only eat low calorie/unfattening food, etc - no way. I mean, I still have those food but in a small quantity. Plus, I make sure that I take the shakes twice daily and one rice meal at the right times of the day so tu yg turun jugak. Btw, I cheated on my diet yesterday - ate 2 ketul chocs, 5 jenis kuih raya (semprit, london almond, chocchip cookies 2 jenis, lg satu tatau nama dia apa..tapi choc gak la, during my snacking time) and then at night (last night) I ate a quarter of my bro's twisties right after having my shake (which is a BIG no-no bcoz that would lead to weight gain instead). Tapi lepas tu saya rasa bersalah lalu meneguk berliter2 Tea Mix itu dan melabur dgn jayanyer di Amanah Saham BilikAir. Niceee... And then the next morning, which is this morning, I weigh myself and ta-daah! Tiba2 dah jadi 48kg. Miracle btul!

My boyfriend owes me a nice lunch at a nice place anyway sbb saya dah capai my dream weight (eventho now dah target lain). Any suggestion? Please, no Chili's or CPK. Enough already! Marche macam best gak kan.. Been there once jer.

Btw, here are a few recent testimonials from some of my customers:

"So far I lost 6cm-waist, 4cm-butt n 5cm-bust. Weight plak I baru lost around 1kg" --- Ifa, MMU student (after only about 2 weeks of Herbalife)

"hi iza..just starting my HL today..well.. in the morning I take HL..mmg kenyang sampai lunch.. mmg sedap minum 1 add about 250ml of soy, 2 scoop HL and then plain water..shake it.. taste great.. :) can't wait to lose weight now.. :)" --- Alia, Junior Executive Accountant (Herbalife first-timer)

"Hi Iza. HL sgt2 buat saya happy. Dekat 1 thn saya tak period n amik ubat & hormon etc. Tapi tak berkesan langsung. TAPI bila minum HL period saya dtg balik. Lagi 1, saya dah stop amik ubat stress sbb HL bole cover. Tq coz kenalkan HL kat blog awak." and "Berat turun 6kg. Pinggang n punggung byk inci hilang. Suar baju pon dah longgar. HL ni buat saya tenang. Lepas ni saya bleh skip ubat stress sbb ubat tu menggemukkan. Harga ubat tu lagi mahal dari HL. Skang lebih baik saya amik HL jer utk semua prob kesihatan" --- Jun, Graphic Designer (after only about 1 month of Herbalife)

"Adikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... I ate HL for breakfast. Yummy giler" --- Naya@Kakak Wangi, Network Engineer (Herbalife first-timer)

"haa pagi ni i wat ice blended shake campur no-fat-srawberry yogurt..nyum far boleh tahan..cuma kengkadang tu binging jugak..tat nenas la..ketupat dlm lontong (curi sket..nampak sedap beb)..pastu pegi toilet mcm takleh tahan..asik kencing aje" --- Aishah, I'm not sure what u do gurl, pls update me (after 2nd day of Herbalife)

"Lepas balik raye arituh ade dl gamba..ade nmpk lain sket kat muke..mcm dah kurus sket kat pipi...kalo tak b4 diz tembam giler...even puase pun tembam gak..ingat lg, mase sblm n time puase, target nak kuruskan pipi sket sbb kalo amik gamba pipi tembam mmg tak cantik langsung. then pipi makin naik sbb dok umah...skarang lepas mkn HL pipi kecut dah...takdela setembam arituh...smalam abah ade tego, pipi dah kecik sket...time raye, mak long tego kate bdn nmpk kecik org lain xtego la plak..huhu...blom nmpk sgt la tp...tapi rase cam sonok plak...bile tgk gamba raye ni,lg semangat nk mengecikkan badan..huhu... Turun 1 inch kat chest and waist" --- Hunny, UITM Shah Alam student (after only 4 days of Herbalife) and this is her before and after pic!

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Do you see that?? Her double chin dah makin hilang, and her cheeks are obviously kecut! Congrats gurl! And to all of youuu too! ;)

Now here's a great news. MZ and I have agreed to give away some presents to anyone of you (my dear customers) who got the most outstanding results dlm masa 3 bulan from ur first day of Herbalife. Hadiah apa? Heh...we'll see what your Coach ni nak kasi. Of course some Herbalife stuff, and maybe shopping vouchers ker kan, or perfume or makeups or a bag perhaps, who knows? And knowing me the brand-conscious-shopaholic; I'm very particular about brands, so barang2 cikai tidak tersenarai dlm hadiah2 yg akan diberikan ok (tapi bag LV ke Prada ke tidak tersenarai la yerr. Tunggu kami jadi millionnaire dulu..hoho). We'll be evaluating based on few aspects (which shall not be revealed), not only how many kilos u've lost sbb tak aci la to those yg perlu turun sikit jer.

So do update me with ur progress and pichas too okay! There's no need to tipu2 la yer bcoz it's for ur own good jugak.

Good luck! ;)


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