Thursday, November 02, 2006

'The Coach' who wears Coach :D

One of my Herbalife customers sent me an email that started with, "Hey coach".

I like the sound of it. COACH. As in the bags. Haha. I told MZ about it and he calls me "The Coach who wears Coach". I so love that!! Eventhough the number of Coach bags that I've worn are like, what, 2-3 jer? Ah lantak. There's gonna be more in the future, anyway (I mean, there'd better be, right honey?).

Oh yea, just so you know, I don't just coach people with weight management programs jer ok. I do shopping coaching as well. And beauty coaching too, sometimes. Bcoz I do get few phonecalls from my internet friends (who're HLF consumers) and they did ask me about where to find this and that, the shops, which beauty products yg bagus, etc besides Herbalife thingy (bcoz I love shopping sgt so I happen to know lotsa shopping-related stuff, murah ker mahal ker da bomb ker. Plus if there are some stuff which I'm not so sure about, I could always refer to my sisters bcoz they're a pro in that area too). I just lurvee that. There's not a single question about shopping/beauty that bothers me, unless of course if u ask things like "Do u know where to find a gorgeous top that looks nothing like yours bcoz urs is ugly, I don't know why u get that". Sila jangan membuat my blood go upstairs yer.

Anyway, I met one of my close chatfriends for the first time ever today, whom I've known for- I think more than 2 years dah kot. Naya a.k.a Kakak Wangi bcoz she sure smells nice, I feel like menerkam dia jer. Kalau bukan sbb Herbalife, I dunno when we'll ever meet kot, kan Kakak Wangi? hikhik.

After meeting up with her, we browsed through some stuff at a nearby bookstore where we met (somewhere in Subang) and we both bought ourselves these cute umm.. notepad-ish planner which are bound to be very useful..

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Btw, I'm looking for a personal planner@organizer too, something cute and pinky to match with my pink business card holder (I got it from Kinokuniya) and my pink fountain pen. I've seen a few at Kinokuniya the other day and saw some in pinks, but I haven't browsed kat MPH and other shops yet. If anyone of you terjumpa personal planner yg comel, sila lah memberitahu yer ;p

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I think it's time for me to start owning a personal planner since I'm doing this HLF business and I have quite lots of meet-ups and seminars every month and customer follow-ups to do, which, sometimes is getting out of hand. Lupa la, apa la. Having a phone doesn't help bcoz of it's limited functions (either that, or I don't know how to fully use it). Nasib baik MZ ada. He's like my human-planner, reminding me of this and that; "Awak dah buat follow-up ngan Jun?", "Dah tanya Alia how's her first time taking the shake?", "Yg kat Kedah tu apa citer?", etc etc. But I can't just rely everything on him, can I? A successful businesswoman does things on her own, ritey? Or at least most of the things. Heee heee (alrite, maybe I'm not entirely right bcoz in this business, it'd be greater if u do it together with ur partner).

Andddd speaking of things-getting-out-of-hand, here's another major reason why I should have a personal planner to remind me of things: I've forgotten my close friend punya birthday (which was the first day of Raya)!!! I mean, I do know that her birthday's on the 24th of Oct, but it was like I lost track of the date or something. Warghh... I feel reallyyy awful about it. I will neverrr everrr forgive myself for that, sorrryyy Maz! I know terlupa sampai lebih seminggu is beyond teruk, but I lap you, so pls don't be kecik ati yehh. I hope this will make it up to you. Nothing much tho, just some Skin Food stuff... It was supposed to be a surprise, but I have trouble tracking down her home address so no choice but to ask directly from her. But anyway, she doesn't know the contents so it's still a surprise, no? :D

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