Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's confirmed!

I received an SMS from Dad who's currently in Germany (or izzit Dubai?) saying,
"browse thru internet n list activities or site we want to tour from ** nov till * dec for the necessary arrangements later. tq".

The first activity that pops in my mind is of course, shopping, so I googled for it and found this site which has infos on what I'm looking for. Now hear this:

Paris is one of the world's premier shopping cities. Even people who hate shopping enjoy shopping in Paris...

Walla! I hope it works on dad (he despise shopping and would always say "dah la tu, takde benda kat sini" even there's a whole row of shops, like in Oxford Street in London!).

Anyway, it gets even better. Just listen to this one I found from this site:

Paris also has many small shops selling everything from everywhere in the world. Just walk around the city in almost any district and you will find lots of interesting shops....

"Everything from everywhere in the world". Wow.

I better list down the names of the tongue-twisted shops bcoz there are lots of 'em - Quai Des Marques, Galleries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Samaritaine, Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville, Le Printemps, Srontes Prontes... (ok, I made up the last one). And this is when my (cute) Travel Planner comes in handy. There's a section for expenses where I can jot down my splurges too, so I won't go overboard!

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Of course I'm going to list down the places for sightseeing as well. Speaking of which, do you know there'll be an LV museum in Paris soon? Yes, you heard me. LV as in Louis Vuitton as in the designer brand. Tapi 3-4 tahun lagi baru museum tu siap.

Ok, I'd better stop now. I have some 'homeworks' to do.


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