Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mum Knows Best


Scary, isn't it?

Sure, chubby babies are adorable. SO adorable. But when they grow up and still so chubby, it's not so cute anymore. And I'm not just talking about appearances. I'm talking about diabetes, heart disease and other related diseases. Yup, NOT cute.

Childhood obesity is a serious problem and it's increasing rapidly worldwide. I know, being a parent is probably the most challenging "job" in the world. Every choice you make for your children is important - even food choices! Feeding your kids right is one of the ways to be a good parent. Don't simply, "Nah, makan la apa-apa yang korang nak", no matter how busy you are.

Of course you yourself need to eat right too. Parents are, after all, the first teacher and the first influence in the child's life. We are our kids' role models so we need to set a good example for them.

You probably know that my husband and I are trying to eat healthier by reducing bad carbs, fats and added sugars intake every day (well, on most days). Our daily meals consist of a lot of protein (chicken, fish, beans), grains (wholemeal bread/pita/tortilla, brown rice, whole grain pasta, oats) and veggies. We're trying to get our kids to eat healthily too, altho it is VERY challenging, especially for picky eaters like Ayra.

That is why I decided to start with the most basic food for my kids - milk!

Instead of giving growing up milk that is loaded with added sugars (you'd be surprised how many teaspoons of added sugars are in those milk powders!), I give them one with no added sugars. Anmum Essential! You can read my previous post on how I switched to Anmum. It was easy. I read other moms' testimonials on Mum Knows Best page, they too said switching to Anmum Essential wasn't a problem and their kids love it.

I couldn't agree more with one of the testimonials from a mother of 2 when she said that she feels like she's doing her best for her child when she chose to feed her with milk that has no added sugars and contains advanced nutrients. I feel like I'm doing my best for my kids too because those 2 are the important factors to consider when choosing your child's milk. Imagine how much sugar your child has already consume in a day from her food and drinks; you don't want to add more of it by giving them growing up milk with added sugars.

The good news about obesity is that, it's preventable. So let's start making the right food choices for your children. I am no expert in parenting, but I do know that every parent wants the best for their children!

I love my girls!

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