Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How I switched to Anmum Essential

When I first came across Anmum Essential milk, I was intrigued. No Added Sugars? Now that's something new. I don't think I have ever seen any growing up milk with no added sugars.

However I have to admit, I was a little worried about the taste. Would Ayra like it? What if she rejects it?

But her nutrition and added sugar intake are what I'm most concern about - not just how the milk tastes like. So I bought it anyway. Besides, it can't be that bad! Belum cuba, belum tahu. The TV ads were very convincing too that I just have to try it for my girl.

The first time I gave Ayra the milk, she drank a few gulps and looked at me with an expression that says, "this tastes different!". She stopped drinking, looked at it as if she was inspecting the milk. I just buat-buat tak tahu because I know if I asked her what's wrong, she would refuse to drink it. I acted normally instead (pura-pura tak pandang dia), as if nothing has changed. Seconds later, she continued drinking the milk. She drank it slowly and her mind macam tengah berfikir. Susu apa mama aku kasi ni? Rasa dia lain tapi rupa sama je. Ah minum je la, lapaq dah ni.

She finished the whole thing eventually! And from that moment, she has been drinking Anmum Essential milk every day. I didn't know switching her milk would be that easy! Besides being the only growing up milk with no added sugars, Anmum Essential is also the only choice that has advanced nutrients such as Gangliosides and DHA which are essential for brain development.

Bertukarlah kepada Anmum Essential, kawan-kawan!

In case you mommies are wondering how's the taste like... It tastes just like warm fresh milk. Creamy, milky... You know, just like what milk should taste like! And thanks to Anmum Essential, Ayra now drinks fresh milk too. Kalau dulu tak nak langsung minum fresh milk on its own sebab tawar, sekarang dah suka!

Oh hey, even si kenit has started drinking Anmum Essential now. I've mixed formula milk into her diet due to a sudden drop of breast milk supply. Was sad and disappointed with myself at first, but I knew this time would come sooner or later. Oh well... at least I managed to fully breastfeed her for slightly more than a year. And if anything, I'm glad the first milk I introduced to her is one with no added sugars, besides fresh milk!

Si kenit yang suka buat macam-macam facial expressions!

Other moms are also switching to Anmum Essential too. There's a Facebook discussion forum where moms can share nutrition and parenting tips and experiences at http://www.facebook.com/AnmumClub.

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