Friday, February 25, 2011

Winners of the Gap Casting Call

Remember the Gap Casting Call which was held December last year?
Well, they finally found the next faces of babyGap and GapKids!

I was invited to the celebration and appreciation event where the winners were announced. It was a private event, held at babyGap KLCC a couple of weeks ago.

My girls were all dressed up in babyGap.

Raina wore a pink tulle hem dress

and the cutest ballet flats!

I love the skirt leggings that Ayra wore.
And she loves that graphic tee because there's a cat on it!

The event started with a simple fashion show from babyGap and GapKids' Spring 2011 collection. My god, it was the cutest fashion show I've ever seen and not to mention, the funniest! Ada yang malu-malu, ada yang macam blur, ada yang syok pusing-pusing banyak kali. The toddlers were the funniest! Mereka seperti tak faham kenapa semua orang pandang kat mereka sambil bersorak-sorak, but I bet they were enjoying the attention sebab sengih-sengih jer kat semua orang. Comel gila!

I had my eyes on Jarrod, the boy in the middle wearing the striped cardigan. He has such a sweet smile and he knows how to pose! I don't know why but Jarrod reminded me of my nephew, Haris. Maybe the smile kot. Speaking of which, my sister Hanis just changed her blog to (sila belanja aku kasut sepasang! ;p)

Then it was time to announce the winners.

And the winners are...

Yay Jarrod is one of the winners!

There are 6 winners altogether and 2 of them are Malaysians - Jarrod and Mohammad Ezra. Their parents must be so proud to see their kids' faces terpampang besar-besar on babyGap/GapKids' window displays, huh!

Makan time
(the cheesecake is so yummy by the way)

I was given some Gap vouchers. Wee-hoo!

Of course I redeemed it straight away.
Rambang mata tengok semua baju comel!

My babyGap haul that day - some dresses and tops for my girls.

And of course... SHOES!

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