Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Cake Gone Bad

A few weeks ago I made my very first Red Velvet Cake.

It looks not bad, right? The bright red cake looks so sinful and the creamy white frosting topped with chopped pecans looks rich and scrumptious....

But it's not.

My Red Velvet Cake turned out nothing like I hoped for. And not to mention, I spent 4 hours baking it! It was almost like breastfeeding and changing diapers were a part of the recipe:

"Mix flour, salt and cocoa powder in a bowl. Set aside. Go breastfeed your baby because she just woke up. Then beat butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract using an electric mixer. After that, change your baby's diaper..."

I finished baking at 1 am -_-

I followed this recipe for the cake, by the way. As for the cream cheese, I asked for Yantie's recipe because hers was so good. I think I measured the ingredients wrongly as I was kelam kabut nak cepat-cepat. Or maybe I used the wrong technique. The cream cheese frosting turned out SO sweet, I felt like I almost had kencing manis after the third bite!

The cake was even worse. It was so dry and hard that at one point, it looked kind of like a giant red macaron!

That was actually my second time baking a cake. The first time was when I was about 14 I think - I baked a butter cake as I wanted to surprise my mom. But my cake turned out tawar because I forgot to add sugar!

I suck at baking. Maybe I should just buy one instead of trying to make one from scratch.


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