Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gymboree Shopping Spree

The other day when I decided to be a "personal shopper" for the first time, I wasn't expecting to get a lot of response. I thought to myself, "Kalau dapat 5 orang jer pun dah ok".

But the response was quite overwhelming that I had to close the order earlier and cancelled a few of last minute's orders as the total purchase amount was higher than I was planning to take. It was after all, my very first time purchasing something online in a big bulk and I wasn't sure if it would go as smoothly as my previous online purchases.

Placing the order on went on smoothly; the order was completed within 24 hours and the next thing I know, the package was already sent to FedEx for shipment. It was estimated to be delivered to my house within 5 business days upon completing the order, which was supposed to be on a Thursday.

I got a call from FedEx Malaysia on Tuesday, informing me about some tax charges for my package. It was a few hundred Ringgits. Argh! I didn't know there will be tax or whatnot. I mean, I have purchased a lot of stuff online before, including an Anya Hindmarch bag from its website which was delivered via FedEx as well but was never charge for tax or anything. Agaknya sebab banyak sangat barang ek?

Then on Wednesday, I got another call from FedEx Malaysia. I was told that the Malaysian custom didn't agree with the charges that they informed me the day before, so they calculated again - and this time, it was DOUBLE the previous amount! Pengsan! Apparently there's import duty of 20-30% and 10% for tax from the retail price for each and every item. And there were 53 items altogether! But I agreed to pay for it anyway. It's not like I have any other options (they would return the package back to Gymboree if I didn't agree to pay for the taxes).

The package was delivered to me on Friday afternoon by the way - lambat sehari. Geram la jugak. But I was excited when I opened the big box.

I wish these were all mine!

And so did Ayra. She was busy helping me out by sorting and putting aside the stuff that interest her the most - SHOES! And then later she took one of them and suruh pakaikan untuk dia. Alahai, I didn't buy any shoes for her (the one I wanted, the Pink Ice-Cream sandal, ran out of her size).

Initially I wanted to purchase 7 items and had placed them in my shopping bag, but 2 of them were "grabbed" by someone else before I could place the order. That's one of the things I don't like about online shopping. But I'm happy with my purchases.

And so did all of my buyers, despite the tax charges! In fact, they told me to inform them if I were to shop online again. Ahhh...we women just love to shop, don't we? Especially kalau sale! ;p


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