Friday, August 14, 2009

Nuffnang's Ogawa Event

I've been invited to attend a few of Nuffnang's events before but never had the chance to go to one until yesterday... No wait, actually it was a day before yesterday bcoz it's past midnight already. Whatever. It doesn't really matter.

So anyway, the event was held at TGIF Pavilion and the sole purpose is to beramah-mesra with fellow bloggers, as well as trying out a few of Ogawa massage chairs. I went with my sister, Wani, and I think we were the last ones to arrive. We were like an hour late! Biasa la Tuan Puteri Indera Kayangan ni, dia lambat sebab pergi cari bulu peacock untuk buat brooch dia tu ha ;p

The food and company were good. I was surprised (and kinda glad) to see a lot of familiar faces!

Farah and Shila

Cindy. I first met her during the food tasting session at Italiannies last year, and at that time I didn't know she's the 1st Malaysian Dreamgirl! I am so ketinggalan ;p



Other bloggers whom I didn't have the chance of snapping pictures with include Red Mummy, City Gal and Simon Seow.


Oh, I made some new friends too!

Kak Ayu (I thought she was in her late 20s, but she's actually in her mid 30s!)


At the Ogawa store...

The new Ogawa Comfort Massage Chair

I wonder what on earth was I looking at?

Goodie bags for each of us which consist of Ogawa U-shape Neck Supporter

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