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Food Tasting at Italiannies

(This is a 48-hour sticky post, scroll down for updates!)

I am one of the lucky bloggers who were invited by Nuffnang to attend a food tasting session at Italiannies The Gardens a few weekends ago! *beaming*

There were 5 bloggers altogether including yours truly:

From left: Simon and his friend Sheila, Cindy, Ringo and her Japanese boyfriend (whose name I've forgotten)...

....and the sweet Cynthia!

I brought my husband along btw.

We were seated at a table called "The Godfather's Table". According to Jocelyn, the Marketing Executive of Chaswood Resources Sdn Bhd (the company that owns Italiannies) who entertained us that day, every Italiannies outlet has only one of this table. It's the biggest table available here and it can seat 10 persons at a time, so next time if you wanna have a family event or function at Italiannies, you can request for that table! (Can I have my baby shower here? LOL, kidding ;p).

Okay, let's move on to the food.

One of the new specialties that Italiannies is having is the Bowls of Pasta. You can choose 4 out of 10 different pasta for a mere RM29.90!

I am a sucker for pasta so having a variety of different pasta in a single serving is just what I've always wanted. I've seen some pizza promotion where you can choose 2 different toppings on one pizza, and I wondered why they can't do the same for pasta... and ta-daah! My prayers were answered. Italiannies has come up with this brilliant Bowls of Pasta idea. After all, one kind is never enough, no? And you can choose not only 2, but 4 pasta! Plus, you can share it with your partner/friend as the food at Italiannies are all meant for sharing.

They've added some new items in their menu as well which we had the honor to taste, so let's see what we had!

As usual while waiting for the food to arrive, we were served these complimentary breads dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar (we didn't dip our breads tho).

I ordered my fave Strawberry Splash, and hubby had Iced Lemon Tea.

The first food arrived! We had 2 appetizers:

Californian Shrimp Salad

Zesty, sweet, sour-ish and a little creamy is what this salad is all about. There are mangoes, oranges, tomatoes, baby spinach, romaine lettuce, cream cheese and succulent seasoned grilled shrimps, tossed with orange vinaigrette dressing. I wish they put more shrimps in it bcoz I can't get enough of 'em! ;p

Quattro Platter

I love, love, love this one! It's a combination of deep-fried risotto balls, calamari, stuffed mushrooms and zucchini fritte, that comes with marinara sauce and alfredo dressing for dipping. I love the stuffed mushrooms especially! It's cheesy and a little sour-ish that makes you go "Mmmhhh mmmhhhh" upon having the first bite.

The cheesy inside of the stuffed mushroom... Yum!
If you're a fan of cheese and mushroom, you'll love this.

Next came the Lamb Shank.

Italiannies Lamb Shank

This tender and juicy lamb shank is braised with medley of herbs, red peppers and tomatoes, drenched in brown sauce. It comes with a side dish of creamy mashed potatoes to complete it.

Now here comes the best part of all - the pasta! There are TEN of them, and they are:

1) Angel Hair Pomodoro
Angel hair pasta with chopped red tomatoes and sauteed with garlic in a light tomato basil sauce.

2) Chicken Lasagna
Layers of lasagna pasta, creamy cheese sauce, marinara sauce with melted mozzarella cheese and baked until golden brown.

3) Classic Carbonara
Fettuccine pasta tossed in light parmesan cream sauce with smoked beef bacon and fresh button mushrooms.

4) Chili Shrimp
Lightly sauteed shrimp with dried chilies and garlic over linguine.

5) Chicken & Mushroom
Shiitake mushrooms sauteed with chili chicken tossed with cherry tomatoes and rocket lettuce. Served with spaghetti.

6) Shrimp Linguine
Linguine pasta with sauteed shrimp and served with marinara sauce.

7) Chicken Coronation
Grilled chicken tossed with sliced apples, raisins and mayonnaise with chilled shell pasta.

8) Fussili Pesto and Mushrooms
Pan-seared shiitake mushrooms served over chilled fussili basil pesto pasta.

9) Salmon & Lemon Aioli

Baked salmon flakes tossed with chilled lemon aioli mayonnaise and baby spinach over shell pasta.

10) Clams & Beef Bacon
Beef bacon strips sauteed with fresh clams, onions and clam broth. Served over fettuccine.

Phew. That's loads of pasta in one go!

It's kind of hard to pick only 4 out of 10 pasta after tasting all of them, but if I were to choose, it would be hmmm.... Chicken Coronation, Chicken & Mushrooms, Shrimp Linguine, and Classic Carbonara. My husband loves tomato-based pasta so the Angel Hair Pomodoro and Shrimp Linguine top his choice.

Annddd finally for dessert, we were served this:

Italiannies Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake

This isn't like any ordinary cake. It tastes more like a bar of chocolate than a cake, which suits my taste bud as I am not really a fan of cakes. It is dense and has a rich chocolatey taste with bits of crunchy hazelnut in it, and there's a tinge of orange peel as well which adds an exquisite flavor to it. It's devilishly delicious!

Overall, food was great! Thank you Nuffnang and Italiannies for inviting me over! And I should add; this is the best advertorial I've ever done for Nuffnang so far! :)

Btw, Italiannies are available at:

Italiannies The Gardens
Lot S209, 2nd Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22833675

Italiannies 1 Utama
F355/356/357, 1st Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama,
47800 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-77271399

Italiannies The Curve
Lot G75 & G76, Ground Floor, The Curve,
No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-77281715

Italiannies Sunway Pyramid
Lot OB3-G-5, 6, 7 & 8, Ground Floor,
Sunway Pyramid,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
46150 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-56318661

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