Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The weight issue

My baby just turned 5 months today. She can do what most 5 months babies can do - she laughs, she can roll over, she plays with her hands, she grabs things within her reach (if there's nothing to be grabbed, she'll grab my hair or my hubby's nose and glasses instead), she mouths objects, turns when I call out her name, talks in her own language, smiles responsively....

But she doesn't weigh like what most 5 months babies would weigh. And I'm kind of worried about that. Her birth weight is 2.8kg and at 5 months old, she's only 5.7kg! She hasn't double her weight yet. Should I be concern?

The doctor said my baby's weight cukup-cukup passing mark and altho she's doing fine, it would be better if she could gain a bit. I want her to gain more but how do I do that? Is there any way to make babies gain more weight naturally?

At 5 months old

Most of the time, I breastfeed her directly since I'm with her 24-7, so I don't know the amount of milk she drinks. But I have a feeling she isn't drinking much bcoz she's a "rester" - she falls asleep easily on my breast. She can only concentrate drinking at most 5 minutes. Lepas tu mula meresah nak let go (if she doesn't fall asleep). I usually breastfeed her sambil baring during the day and sometimes it could take up to 2-3 hours (sampai mak anak dua2 tertido). I'm literally a human pacifier and I love that I am her source of comfort, but I wish she would suck more than just kemam-kemam. Kalau minum ikut bottle (EBM), she only drinks about 4oz and would be hungry again after like 1.5-2 hours later.

So what do you reckon, mommies? How do I turn her into a chubby baby? Should I start giving her baby food now? Or should I just continue doing what I've been doing bcoz some babies are "small-eater"? But it makes me feel kind of sad when people said I have a small baby. It's like I'm not feeding her well.

But come to think of it, aku pun dulu masa baby kecik halus ...


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