Monday, March 02, 2009

Baby's Feeding Patterns

I got this info from a booklet that was given during my antenatal class when I was pregnant some time ago.
Each baby has a particular style of feeding. See if you can recognize your baby's dining behavior:

Barracudas - Get right down to business. As soon as they are put to the breasts they grasp the nipple and suck energetically for 10-20 minutes. In their enthusiasm they sometimes bite down too hard, which can be painful for you.

Excited - Become frantic at the sight of the breast. In a frenzied cycle they grasp it, lose it and start screaming in frustration. They must be calmed down several times during each feeding. The key is to feed him as he wakes up, before he gets desperately hungry. Also, if milk tends to spray as the baby struggles, it may help to manually express some to slow down the flow.

Procrastinators - Cannot be bothered with nursing until the milk comes in. They're not interested and it's no use trying to force them. Do not give them bottle of formula. The best solution is to wait until they are ready, they do well once they finally get started. Express the breasts manually or with a pump to stimulate milk production. Don't give up.

Gourmets - Playing with the nipple, tasting the milk first and smacking their lips before digging in. If hurried or prodded they become furious and scream in protest. The best solution is tolerance. After a few minutes of playing they do settle down and nurse well.

Resters - Prefer to nurse for a few minutes, rest a few minutes and resume nursing. Some fall asleep on the breast, nap for half an hour or so, then awake ready for dessert. This pattern can be agonizing and tiring for the mother. It's best to schedule extra time for feedings and remain as flexible as possible.

So which one is your baby?

My baby is a rester most of the time. She would suck for 5 minutes, stop to gaze at me or the ceiling or the curtain behind me for 3 minutes, continue sucking for awhile, stop again to smile and grin at me, continue sucking, and then "talk" to me before continue to suck again. It's almost like she's hanging out at a cafe enjoying ice-blended drink or something. Sometimes she even falls asleep on my breast for awhile. And when she wakes up, she would finish off her drink in a hurry like the cafe is about to close! It's so cute and I enjoy watching her behaviors, altho it can be tiresome especially when I'm sleepy.

But early in the morning (at around 4ish am when she first woke up), she would turn into a Barracuda. She would suck vigorously for 10-15 minutes before falling asleep. She only wakes up 2-3 hours later to be fed again.

Either way, it's good to know that I have finally learn her feeding pattern. It takes a lot of effort and patience especially during the first few weeks after giving birth when my milk supply was not that much, but it's all worthwhile :)


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