Monday, November 24, 2008

To keep or not to keep...

Sometimes making up your mind whether to keep some of your unused-but-still-love stuff can be intricating. You still like it, but you don't use it. At least not anymore. You just want to keep it for as long as you could, hoping that someday you would feel the need to use it again.

But the thing is, you don't know when that day would come - or if it ever comes.
How exactly do you know if you would ever use your unused stuff in the future? How do you know if getting rid of it is the right decision? That you won't regret it?

That's the issue I'm having with this bag.

I bought this Flatiron Shoulder Satchel from Banana Republic (but mine is in yellow) way before I was pregnant. And I have only wore it once. I love the design, but the color explains why I haven't been wearing it. I just can't bring myself to wear (bright) colored bags. Don't ask me why I bought it anyway. It's just one of those impulse "wow-this-is-nice-I-can-do-with-something-different-and-it's-the-last-one-I-just-have-to-get-it" moments.

It's a pretty bag. But it's yellow - the color that I'm not used to wear.

If you were me, would you still keep it and try to wear it... or would you just get rid of it once and for all?
Help me make a decision please.


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