Monday, October 27, 2008

Preggy Mommy's Makeover Photos

The Mama and Walid to-be!

Ooookayy, here's a comparison of my before-and-during pregnancy makeover photo shoot:

Gosshhh... Look at the difference!
My body has totally went through considerable amount of changes! The only thing that seemed to remain unchanged in terms of shape and size is my face tho (thank God). I know I'm pregnant and everything, but I still can't quite get around with the whole "body getting big" thingy - even tho I've been pregnant for 8 months!

But that's what pregnancy does to you, so for once I am NOT gonna complain about it (even when I have less choices of clothing to wear)! ;p In fact, I love this Dior makeover photos more than the ones I had previously. Somehow I think the bump seems to make it more interesting than the rest.

I have approximately 7 weeks to enjoy the bump before it deflates! :)


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