Monday, September 29, 2008

My Wishes Came True

It's really amazing what the Internet can do. This is one of them:

Millie's Cookies and Muffins all the way from UK!

I didn't expect I could satisfy my cravings for Millie's Cookies. But somehow, a stranger who happened to read my blog made it come true.

Thank you, P. You're such an angel! It's not just about the cookies and muffins. It's your act of kindness that really gets me, even though we don't know each other :)


I messaged Kak Yong asking whether she still makes her scrumptious cupcakes bcoz I was craving for some (remember my Shopaholic cupcakes?). Unfortunately for me, her cupcake business was being put on halt since she's very busy.

That was two months ago.

One of my best online buddies informed me about Kak Yong's Raya cuppies, just a few days ago. I was excited! And I was even more excited when I see these...

It's the CUTEST cupcake packaging I have ever seen!


On another quite similar note (well, this is about wishes-came-true after all)...

I could actually fit the Warehouse Waterfall Ruffle Top that I've been wanting so badly, despite my bulging tummy! But it's not just that. Guess what size am I wearing?

Size 6! :D


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