Monday, September 24, 2007

The 5 things

I've been tagged by 2 Nadias (heh, cuba teka? Hint: Mereka berjiran ;p).

5 things in my bag:
- my Coach wallet
- tissues and oil blotting papers
- compact mirror
- my handphone
- lipgloss, lipbalm and hand cream

5 things in my wallet:
- IC, driver's license, ATM cards, Herbalife ID
- Membership cards
- photos of me and MZ
- foodies and drinks cards
- some cash, and 1 US dollar note with 6 added zeroes behind ;p

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
- the pink wall and white furniture; 2 of my most favorite colors in the world!
- my queen-sized bed and a matching bedside table to put my magazine collection. It's all mine now!
- build-in wardrobe; there are sections for my bags, shoes, undies, and of course clothes!
- treadmill (it's not like I ever use it, but it's cool to have exercise equipment in your own room, no? Konon cam seorg yg active and fit la. haha)
- my mini library

5 things I wish to do :
- bake Apple Crumble. I miss my own Apple Crumble, bole tak? ;p
- read the unread books that I've bought ages ago
- get rid of my stretch marks. I've been living with them for 10 years now, so d'ya think that's possible?
- pamper myself with spa and facials and pedicure and manicure. I deserve a reward coz I have successfully lost a total of 10kg to date!
- sleep early. Since puasa ni asik tido kul 4am jer..

5 things I’m doing now :
- Facebook-ing. I am seriously addicted.
- Chatting with Kak Mona regarding Herbalife
- Sniffing my arm, wondering if I could lick it. I smell like milk + almond. Yum!
- Checking my Friendster
- Doing this survey, of course

5 people I would like to tag:
- Hanis
- Mrs Imran
- Kak Shay
- Kaezrin
- Hunny


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