Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trudy & Teddy 1st Boutique Opening

When I first got the invitation to Trudy & Teddy's first boutique opening, I was puzzled.
First boutique? But I thought they have like several outlets already....

And then I realized something. Boutique - as in their own store! Not in department stores like all these whiles. How awesome!

I couldn't wait to see the interior of the boutique. I imagined there'll be lots of cream and pastel colors and wallpapers. Something classic European, just like their line of clothing.

I was right.

I fell in love with their boutique, the moment I stepped inside. It's so nice! I love the deco, the ambiance, the choice of colors, everything. Feels like a high-end boutique. The sales assistants even wear aprons! If I didn't know Trudy & Teddy brand and I happened to pass by the boutique for the first time, I would think it's a really expensive brands for children. And I wouldn't even think it's a local brand!

Me and my girls. 

Did I mention that I went to this event with my girls and without my husband? That was the first time. And probably the last! Haha.

Some of their latest collection

And shoes!

My girls found a nice spot to sit 

and cuddle

and make a new friend.

Of course there was a ribbon cutting ceremony. But this one if probably the cutest ribbon-cutting ceremony I've ever seen...

...because it was done by Trudy & Teddy's little ambassadors!

Drinks and appetizers were also served

Thank God Thara from Nuffnang was there. She babysat Raina for awhile while I did a little shopping (she bribed her with her necklace and bangles!).

With some of the mommy bloggers
(I'm wearing a Dorothy Perkins blouse and I don't like it. The black version is a lot nicer!)

Each of us received a door gift, which consists of a dress up story board book (with all the characters wearing Trudy & Teddy collection - how cute is that?), a bookmark for free gift redemption and RM50 cash voucher!

I redeemed the voucher straight away and got my girls these gorgeous dresses. The picture doesn't do it justice. They are more beautiful in person! Perfect for special occasions.

Trudy & Teddy boutique offers a spacious and relaxing shopping ambiance, with the most complete Trudy & Teddy's collection. They even have bedding sets for babycots! 

Check out their one and only boutique (at least for now) at Lot 5.42.00, Level 5, Pavilion KL.

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