Monday, May 28, 2012

Bonding with your baby

Being pregnant is amazing. I don't know about you, but I enjoyed being pregnant (well, most of the time). 

Hello, bump. Long time no see!

I mean, what's not to love? (besides stretch marks, of course). The pregnancy glow, eating for two (well, you need to put on weight!), the extra attentions, baby shopping, maternity shopping, the bosom you've always wanted (heh)...

....and knowing that you're carrying a new life inside of you!

I think it's important to have a happy pregnancy. I've read here that there's a correlation between a mother's emotional life while pregnant and the later personality of her child (my mom also said the same thing). Mothers who have less anxious pregnancies, whose babies were wanted and loved tend to have emotionally healthy children. Mothers who resented being pregnant and felt no attachment to their babies are more likely to have children with emotional problems. So it's important to bond with your baby from the very beginning - right from inside the womb.

Talk to your baby (I didn't do this tho, because it felt weird, like I'm talking to myself), read to your baby (now this, I did), recite Quran, play soothing music and Quran recitation, and ask your husband to talk to your baby too. Sometimes babies respond by kicking and moving around. Such a precious moment!

Eating healthy food is also another way to bond because you're sharing food with your baby! The nutrients will be absorbed and passed on to your baby to support her healthy growth so make sure you eat right and take your vitamins and supplements. But if you have a poor digestion, you may not be absorbing all the nutrients that your baby needs.

The New Anmum Materna with Probio DR10 and Prebiotic helps to support a good digestive system for better nutrients absorption. Probio DR10 is a type of probiotic originated from yogurt and they are the good bacterias that provide us with digestive system benefits.

Prebiotic, on the other hand, is "food" for Probiotics, which supports their growth. Prebiotic, like Inulin in Anmum Materna is originated from plant, which is also a source of dietary fibre. 2 glasses of Anmum Materna is loaded with 100% folate, gangliosides + DHA, calcium and iron to support your baby's development and your well being.

Not only Anmum Materna is good for pregnant women, it's also suitable for women who are planning to get pregnant. You only need 2 glasses of Anmum Materna a day to get the important nutrients to prepare your body for pregnancy.

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