Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How I celebrated my last 20's birthday

Weekend in Penang. Stayed at The Northam All Suite Hotel. Bubble bath with my girls. Jacuzzi with my husband. Biggg breakfast (it's a once-a-while thing!). Pampering session at the Suite Spa (the masseuse thought I was 24-25.... until she saw my tummy -_-). Late night supper at Nasi Kandaq Beratoq (Nasi Kandar Beratur). Shopping at Gurney Plaza. Strolling along Straits Quay. Ate too many desserts....

It was basically a fun, relaxing weekend.
Well, except for the long car journeys, of course.

p/s: My husband's birthday is next week. Still thinking of how to celebrate his birthday....


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