Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't let a wet diaper disturb your baby's sleep

I love watching my girls sleep. I even have a special folder in my computer just for their sleeping pics. Can you imagine how many sleeping photos of my girls I have in that folder ever since they were born? Hundreds!

Here are some of my favorites.

There's just something so innocent... so angelic.... so peaceful about a sleeping baby - especially your own. When my girls are asleep, I'd go awwhhh, kiss them all over their faces, snap a pic or two (or three), then continue staring at them before I fall asleep. That moment, right there is just perfect. They are perfect, even tho they just scribbled my iPhone with a red crayon earlier. You don't want anything to ruin their sleep, especially a soaking wet diaper. No!

Babies need to sleep well to grow healthy and happy. Wet diaper is one of the main causes of night awakenings. You cannot avoid your baby from wetting her diaper, especially at night, but you can help to prevent wet, leaky diapers from waking her up by choosing the best one.

You know that I only trust MamyPoko brand when it comes to my girls' diapers. Now MamyPoko comes with a new tape diaper - MamyPoko with Stripes Pad.

The new packaging

Here's a comparison of the old (left) and the new (right) MamyPoko M size tape diaper.

Notice the size of the new one is slightly slimmer? It's also thinner compared to the old one but it's actually improved with natural cotton-like breathable cover for better breathability. This helps to release heat and moisture trapped in the diaper quickly to prevent rashes and irritation.

Old (left) vs. new (right) MamyPoko tape diaper.

If you look closely, you'd notice that the new one has stripes in the center. That's the stripes pad sheet. It quickly absorbs and locks urine in for a much faster dryness, because a wet diaper can be very uncomfortable for babies and could wake her up from her peaceful sleep.

When putting on your baby's diaper, make sure to pull the leakage guards upright. Don't pull them outwards because you don't want "anything" inside the diaper to leak! Adjust the tape to fit your baby's body. Here's a tip: if there are red marks around your baby's legs, that means the diaper is too tight. Allow 1-2 finger space around the waist for a comfy fit.

My baby can sleep at night in the new MamyPoko with Stripes Pad diaper for up to 12 hours without leaking - sometimes even more! It keeps her dry and she's able to sleep the whole night through. Makes me haaaaappy!

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