Friday, March 30, 2012

Triple Chicken Pizza

Last Monday was not like any other Mondays. It almost felt like the weekend.

Ayra's school made a trip to Kidzania and those who didn't join the trip get to stay at home. Ayra didn't join the trip because we wanted to take her there ourselves (plus, we've already been to Kidzania in Jakarta end of last year), so we went out for a little shopping and then I took my girls to Kid's e World at The Gardens.

The place is quite new and since it was on a Monday, there were not many people. My girls had so much fun. Heck, even I had fun playing on the slides and whatnot too!

Then later that night, we went to Pavilion for a pizza session with the Pizza Hut clans. You know, the usual. Vivy, Wei Zhi, Hanis Zalikha, KY, BeautifulNara, Cheesie, RedMummy, Audrey, etc.

Pizza Hut always come up with a new pizza on their menu every now and then. That's what I like about them because I like to try something new (only applies to food tho).

Their newest pizza is the Triple Chicken Sensation Pizza.

Triple chicken: chicken loaf, chicken salami and chicken floss!

This is not a tomato-based pizza, which I love! I am more of a rich-creamy-food person so I like the mayo sauce on this. It has a little bit of creaminess, sweetness, loads of chicken and a little nuttiness from the toasted sesame seeds. It's yummy!

Of course we didn't just have the pizza. These Pizza Hut people are so generous, they just served us everything we want. "Order la apa-apa kalau nak". Habislah kalau pelahap ^_^

Triple Sensation Platter

Hut's Platter

Everyone ordered at least 2 drinks -
I had Iced Lemon Tea and my favorite Strawberry Rave Yoghurt Smoothie.

I sat in front of these adik-adik manis.
HOW do they stay so slim eventho they eat a lot? It's not fair!

This is Hanis Zalikha's lil sister

The new mommy (BeautifulNara's wifey) with her lil bundle of joy.
The last time we met, she was just a few months pregnant!

Watching the TVC while chomping on our food

Ehem. Look who's taller! *hides feet*

Wei Zhi just started online business, The Patbingsu, selling clothes and accessories from Korea.
I'm actually wearing one from her collection - the Toni blouse. Love it!

Group photo

If you want to score yourself vouchers to try their new Triple Chicken Pizza, leave a comment on what is your favourite Pizza Hut moment and the best 5 answers win! (don't forget to leave your email).

For more info on their pizzas, log on to

Thank you, Pizza Hut!

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