Monday, February 20, 2012

Mama, the Princess Barbie

Last Thursday, 16th February 2012, was our 4th wedding anniversary.

We got each other presents (well ok, I only gave him a present; he gave me a card, chocolate and a little something from Kate Spade, but that's how things should be, right? Men should give more ;p) and went for a dinner. I wish I could say a romantic quiet dinner but it was actually the opposite. You can never eat in peace when you have kids, can you? But that's ok. The more, the merrier (haha, yea right)!

Later that night, I went through our wedding videos and photos. Ayra came and saw this...

Ayra: Who's that?
Me: That's mama and walid on our wedding day.
Ayra: No, it's a princess.
Me: *laughed* Princess Mama?
Ayra: No, it's a Princess Barbie

She went out of the room and came back seconds later, with this in her hand.

"See? It's a princess!" *points at my photo*

Haha. Kids are the cutest!


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