Monday, January 16, 2012

Maid-less. Again

We got a new maid, a few days after moving to the new house a couple of months ago.

She was 40, likes kids (she has 9 children!) and knows how to cook. And on top of that, she's the lemah-lembut type and pandai urut (which is a bonus!). Basically, she's what I'm looking for in a maid and I couldn't be more thankful. What I really like about her is how she treated and handled my kids. Dia pandai layan budak. Ayra yang susah nak suka orang pun boleh get along dengan dia.

Unfortunately, we had to send her back. For good.

A few weeks ago, she told me she had difficulty to breathe - 2 nights in a row - and that her chest was painful. We took her to the clinic (went 3 times) and she had her blood pressure and ECG tested. Turned out, she has high blood pressure (170).

Then we were told by the agent that her youngest child (sebaya Ayra), sakit tenat rindu sangat kat mak dia and that we need to send her back (we didn't tell her that at the time). As a mom, I could totally understand the situation but as an employer, I didn't want to send her back! Tapi nak tak nak terpaksa la, takut jadi apa-apa pulak nanti. So saaaaddd! It's hard to get a maid nowadays and it's even harder to get a good one! Like a friend of mine said, good maids are rare species nowadays.

So last Saturday was her last day working with us. She worked with us tak sampai 3 bulan and supposedly tak dapat gaji because according to the agreement, she would only get her salary after 3 months tapi sebab dia baik and kasihan punya pasal, my mom and I gave her some money, clothes and food. Kasihan pulak, balik dengan tangan kosong. She was all teary when we said goodbye at the airport. Oh well. Maybe God has better plans for us.

The agent will find a replacement for us soon and I really really hope the next one will be as good (if not better) as her.

Now excuse me, I have a pile of dishes need to be washed (and a million of other things to do)!


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