Thursday, December 15, 2011

Youth Code

When I was younger, I used to think anti-aging products are for women who are 40 and above. I thought you should only use anti-aging products when your skin starts to have wrinkles and such. Little that I know that skin starts to show visible signs of aging at the age of 25!

After knowing this, I started to switch to anti-aging product. Not all of them tho; just the core ones like my essence and moisturizer. Another reason was because I noticed my skin becomes a bit dry after having my second baby, which was last year. It's a sign of aging!

Anyway, you probably know that I'm a bit of a skincare junkie. In fact, I've been one ever since I was a teenager. I just love trying out beauty products, and since I'm quite a "freshman" in the anti-aging department, I'm more than eager to try them now.

At the moment I'm using a few new skincare products, and one of them is L'Oreal Youth Code.

It's a pre-essence, which is to be applied right after toner and before essence. I've recently added this to my skincare regime, so now instead of 5 products (cleanser-toner-essence-eye cream-moisturizer), I use six.

I read that as we age, the natural regenerative process begins to slow down and it replaces old cells, heals wounds, etc more slowly. The Youth Code product uses PRO-GEN Technology formula, which activates a specific gene to help boost skin's recovery power more like it did when it was younger and improves skin's quality. It also amplifies the effect of my anti-aging skincare regime by 5 times, so that is really great. It helps to absorb the benefits of the skincare products I use even more!

My skin before applying any skincare product -
kinda dull with a little bit of redness.

Just like most skincare products, this pre-essence should be used twice a day on a perfectly cleansed skin. I would cleanse and tone first, then apply this pre-essence.

I like that it comes in a slender glass bottle with a dropper

It dispensed just the right amount - not too much, not too little

Dot a little on forehead, cheeks, nose, chin
and gently spread all over face.

After that, continue with your usual essence, moisturizer and whatnot. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry, I just use this pre-essence and skip my essence. I love how it absorbed into my skin almost instantly without leaving any greasy residue and felt silky smooth. Smells nice too! I have only been using it for a week and I noticed that my skin is more hydrated and looks fresher after application.

It claims that after one week, skin begins to look younger, texture is more refined and elastic. Whoaa... Do I *ehem* look younger - early 20s perhaps? ;p (I'm actually nearing the big three-oh. Yikes! I'm getting older).

Oh, that reminds me. Another thing I like about this product of L'Oreal is the name - Youth Code. Youth. My mind instantly thinks of being young, exuberant, happy.

I don't know about you, but when I read the word "anti-aging" on skincare products, I feel.....old. I guess because the word "anti-aging" focuses on aging? Kind of like the law of attraction thingy. The name Youth Code somehow has a more positive vibe to it. Get what I mean? Good.

Now go crack your youth code!

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