Sunday, December 04, 2011

Bedtime Battle

We were in our bed, about to fall asleep when Raina suddenly climbed out of the bed, went straight to my husband's computer table, climbed on the swivel chair, reached for the mouse and started to jab something on the keyboard.

How old is she again?

Boss kenit

I have a deadline, Ma. DND!

Seconds later, kakak dia pulak join.
It was past midnight, for goodness sake! -_-

Kenit and Kakak, the dynamic duo

This is what I face almost every night. It's either the computer, or they would play together in the cot - bergurau senda, menyanyi, wrestling, etc. It is so challenging to get them to sleep without me turning into a hulk (well, only when I'm PMSing).

My kids are such night owls. Their average sleeping time is around 11-12 midnight - doesn't matter whether they napped during the day or not. The latest so far is 1.30 am.

Just whereee do kids get their energy from? I mean, they hardly eat anything.
Salurkan sikit energy kat mama la!


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