Friday, November 11, 2011

It's a phone. It's a tablet. It's Galaxy Note!

I used to have a PDA. It was O2 XDA II, given by my dad for my 21st birthday. It was the coolest gadget I've ever had at that time. One of the things I loved most was that, it came with a stylus. I thought it was cool to jot down notes on a gadget instead of a notepad.

I don't think I have ever seen any smartphone or tablet with stylus nowadays. That is, until I came across Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note is like all-in-one device - it's got smartphone's 24/7 portability, tablet's large display (5.3" HD super AMOLED), note pad's free idea capturing and other mobile device's core benefits like camera and games. It's a pretty neat device and it's created to minimize the need to switch to other devices while on the go.

I must say, the highlight of the Galaxy Note is the stylus, or as Samsung calls it, the S pen. You can easily sketch drawings and write notes in the Digital Memo and the text recognition software recognizes your handwriting to redigitize into regular text format which can save you the trouble of rein-putting!

With 1.4 GHz dual core processor, the Galaxy Note is great for multitasking. You can download a movie, read emails and run apps in the background and yet your phone is still responsive. Awesome!

The size is just nice for reading or watching a video and it is more portable than a tablet. It's so slim and sleek, it could easily fit in your pocket!

I found a few unboxing videos of the Galaxy Note. This one is in English:

And this is the BM version:

There's nothing quite like the thrill of unboxing a new piece of gadget, even if you're not really a gadget freak! You can view more unboxing videos here, here and here too.

The Galaxy Note is now available in Malaysia and it is launching at Pavilion (near Esprit) on the 11th November 2011, which is today! The first 100 buyers will get a Galaxy Note cover with Swarovski crystals so if you love to accessorize your gadget, you might not want to miss this! You can also ask for a complimentary Galaxy Note Leather Flip Cover with your purchase at any Samsung Elite Partner Stores, Celcom and Digi outlets (only for the first 9,999 customers).

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