Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Secret Life of Nora

Went to watch The Secret Life of Nora at Istana Budaya last Saturday. I haven't watched any movies, live shows and whatnots for months I think (that's pretty normal when you have kids) so I jumped at the chance when I was given complimentary tickets to watch this one!

Went there with my sister, Wani

This is only my second time watching musical theatre (I'm not really the artsy type) but I really enjoyed this one. The Secret Life of Nora is set in a glitzy and glamorous 1960's Malaya and it features star-studded casts including Tiara Jacquelina, Aznil Hj Nawawi, Adibah Noor, Tony Eusoff and Broadway heartthrob, Ryan Silverman (he played as Raoul in The Phantom of The Opera).

The story is about how Nora, a popular but protected prima donna, becomes a spy and involved in a mission to help uncover an evil operation with the help from a suave British secret agent, Roger Foss. Here are some photos of the scenes, taken from The Secret Life of Nora Facebook page.

This is the scene where Betty (played by Stephanie Van Driesen) sings Kau Yang Menulis
in Nora's dressing room. Her voice reminded me of Disney Princess!

One of my fave characters is Aznil.
He's just hilarious! (he always is, isn't he?)

The sexy dance

Girls performing aerial choreography. Hebat!

Tiara Jacquelina has a powerful voice and I never knew she could sing really well! And Aznil... Haha, he's the funniest! He's the bad guy in this story but a cute bad guy. You see, he has a lisp problem and he cannot pronounce the letter 'R' correctly so it sounded like 'W'. Nora jadi "Nowa". Russia jadi "Wassia", Raub jadi "Waub" and so on. Sumpah comel gila, macam budak kecik pelat! The audience were laughing out loud sebab tak tahan kelakar comel! I actually enjoyed every minute of this play - the beautiful sets and costumes, the melodious songs, the dancing, the graceful aerial choreography, everything - and so does my sister. In fact, she's planning to watch it again for the second time!

It was a 2.5-hour show (with a 20-minute break in between) by the way. We managed to snap some pics after the show...

No, I wasn't poking my nose ;p

Ryan Silverman is sooo handsome! I saw him later after the show just outside the hall (he changed into a simple t-shirt) but I was too shy to ask for a phota. Damn! (plus, he was with a lady - his gf or wife maybe?).

There were a few The Secret Life of Nora goodies on sale too, such as notebooks, t-shirts, posters, sunglasses...

My sister couldn't resist trying on some of the sunnies

And posed in front of the booth ;p

I was being interviewed about the show.
As usual, I was quite nervous. Man, I hate being nervous!

Met a few of our readers too

We were waiting for the photo and autograph session with the casts but there were none.
Snap pic dengan ni pun jadi la.

The Secret Life of Nora is actually the first bilingual musical in Malaysia and it is staged at Istana Budaya from 29th September - 16th October 2011. There'll be 3 additional shows on the 20th October till 22nd October 2011 at 8.30pm (no matinee shows). Tickets can be purchased at Istana Budaya Box Office or online at Go watch it, I recommend it!

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