Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lost World of Tambun

What's the longest you have ever been stuck in a traffic jam?

Me... 7 hours - during our journey back to KL from Kedah (masa Raya).

Can you believe, we were stuck for 7 hours in the car, from Alor Setar to Ipoh? Ipoh saja tau, tak sampai KL lagi. Pinggang, pungkok ceq semua sakit! I cannot imagine those yang balik Kelantan/Terengganu by car (how many hours is it again?). Our journey from KL to Kedah went smoothly tho - 4 hours.

Kami bertolak pulang at 3.30 pm; pukul 10 malam tak sampai Ipoh lagi. There were massive jams and the cars were moving 40 km/h the fastest (I assume all other cars were the same). By that time, the kids and I were already restless and bored and cranky so we decided to spend the night at a hotel in Ipoh. (My parents-in-law continued their journey, by the way and they reached KL at 5 am! o_O).

The next day, we decided to go jalan-jalan around Ipoh city before heading to KL when we saw a signboard: Lost World Of Tambun. Hubby followed the signboard and said, "Nak tengok jer, best ke tak". Right. So we went to have a look... and ended up spending the rest of the day there!

Children below the height of 90cm get free entrance to the park so hubby only had to pay for the two of us.

Went to the souvenir shop to get some stuff. The girls on the other hand,
selamba took the toys from the shelf and played in the fitting room.

Bought this sunblock lotion.
Smells nice, and I love that it comes in a spray bottle!

Hubby and Ayra spent the first hour splish-splashing at the water park

Can you see the scars on Raina's face?
That was from the bunga api incident
(the scars are gone now, Alhamdulillah)

I didn't know there were other attractions beside the water park at the Lost World of Tambun. There are amusement park, petting zoo, tin valley, tiger valley and hot springs & spa. The main reason why we suddenly decided to go here was actually because of the petting zoo. We had never brought our kids to a zoo before so when I found out there was a petting zoo, I immediately said, "Let's go!". I think it's way more fun than normal zoo because you get to see, touch and feed the animals. Kids love that, don't they?

You can buy these foodies to feed the animals

The animals' houses (or huts or whatever they're called) are just so cute. Macam pondok mainan for kids!


Guinea pigs

Ayra almost nak panjat masuk!

Adorable racoons!

They're probably the only creatures that look cute with dark circles!

Longkang Fishing is rather interesting.
They provide fishing nets and pails...

...and you can actually catch the fish!
Tapi sila lepaskan balik ikan-ikan itu dalam kolam yer.

I forgot whose house is this

Sugar glider

The cutest house of all. It's almost like a doll house!

And it belongs to this hamster.
Comel sangat la buaian kau ni...

On the way to see some goats

Ayra tak takut langsung!
(I was afraid of goats! Ok, I was more geli than afraid la)

I was surprised that goats smell like err... goats! I mean, the live ones and the cooked ones smell the same. They don't smell that bad, except for their poop (duh, of course).

Mom, I want a pet goat for my birthday, pretty please!

This baby goat is the cutest. She's only 8 months!

There were a lot of other animals including cats, birds, porcupines, hedgehogs, prairie dogs (which sorta looked like chipmunks), horse, deers, turtles, chicken, ducks, snakes, etc. It was really interesting and we spent the longest here!

See that vertical rock formation that looks like a pencil in between those two mountains?
That's the Needle of Tambun.

The next attraction that we went to was the amusement park. Didn't ride the rides tho, except for the merry-go-round.

But we played some games! Was trying so hard to win one of the teddy bears, just for fun. Hubby and I wanted to play until we won something!

First we played this one. Must toss the coin inside one of the circles.
Tak menang (my coin jatuh terbabas atas lantai!).

Next we tried the ring toss bottle.
Tak menang jugak. Boo.

Then we played this duck fishing game.

It seems easy, but you will only win the prize if you manage to get a duck with a number underneath it. Each duck is either numbered as 1 (for small-sized teddy), 2 (medium-sized teddy), 3 (big-sized teddy) or nothing (no teddy).

Guess what? I managed to get a duck with a 2 underneath it! I won a teddy, woooh! Had never felt so excited winning a teddy bear before! ;p

Ayra dah boring. Dia nak sambung mandi.

We were having so much fun that we forgot to have our lunch. Pukul 5 baru makan. Food was not bad. Mee goreng mamak dia sedap. Even my picky eater liked it!

At around 6.30pm, we continued our journey to KL and arrived home at 10pm. The road was clear, thank God. What supposed to be a long, boring journey turned out to be fun in the end. If it wasn't for the massive traffic jams, I don't think we would be having this much fun, enjoying a day out with the kids! :)


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