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In love with SK-II

I think I'm a skincare junkie. I love trying out different skincare products. Usually before deciding to purchase a new product, I will do a little bit of research (gotta love the internet!) and read online reviews by other users. Some brands offer online skin consultation on their websites to prescribe the right products for your skin by asking a few questions. I find that somewhat helpful because there are so many products to choose from and it can be overwhelming sometimes. Having someone else to advice you on which product to suit your skin's needs would be a great help, wouldn't it?

That's what the SK-II skin consultation was all about, besides getting to know more about your skin. I went for the skin consultation at SK-II counter in Isetan, The Gardens with my sister the other day. (Invited my friends as well but since it was on a weekday, none could make it)

That was actually my second time having skin consultation at SK-II. But this time around, they analyzed whether my skin has the 5 dimensions that makes skin crystal clear. The 5 dimensions are Texture Refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spots Control and Radiance Enhancement. Here's what the 5 dimensions are all about:

Texture Refinement - finer texture, more moisture, less oiliness, less visible pores.
Firmness Power - more energized, firmer contour/curves, more lifting impression on eye & mouth corners, less visible nasolabial fold (laugh lines).
Wrinkle Resilience - less fine lines, less dynamic line with expression, less static lines/wrinkles, less connected lines.
Spots Control - less brown spots, lighter brown patches, better tone evenness, reverse stubborn spots.
Radiance Enhancement - more translucency, more radiance, more glow from within, less yellowish & dullness.

As usual, the beauty consultant scanned a few areas of my skin...

Moments later, out came the result. I only have 2 dimensions of a crystal clear skin - Texture Refinement with 70% and Spots Control with 83%! The rest were average la - in the 60% range.

And here are the products recommended for my skin's needs:
Facial Treatment Essence, Cellumination Essence and Skin Signature.

Testing some of SK-II products on my hand

I managed to try these products that day.

The beauty consultant was really helpful. She explained each and every product that was tested on me, and gave some useful tips including the correct ways to apply the products. I also made her list down the prices for all SK-II products for my reference. Senang nak kira budget nanti! ;p

The white jar in the above pic is Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Gel which helps to remove (light) makeup. I love the gel texture! If I'm not mistaken, it suits combination to dry skin. The Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil is for removing heavier makeup. I feel like giving one of these a try one day! (that is, when my current makeup remover is finished).

Research shows, it's better to apply beauty lotion with a cotton pad
rather than using your hands because it applies more evenly.
If you have dry hands, all the moisture goodness will be absorbed
into your hands instead of your skin.

My sister at the other part of the counter, having her skin analyzed.
It was her first time having skin consultation at SK-II and she thinks it was helpful too!

We were given this 7-day SK-II Pitera Miracle Kit, which as you can see, includes Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence (Miracle Water) and 1 piece of Facial Treatment Mask. These are the most basic and essential SK-II products.

I have been wanting to try SK-II mask for ages! Tapi bila dah dapat, sayang nak guna. Hee! The mask is equivalent to 30ml of the Treatment Essence. It is so concentrated and enriched with Pitera which deeply hydrates the skin. I've tried the other 3 products and my favorite of all is the Gentle Cleanser! Seriously, it's one of the best cleansers I've ever used. I even tweeted about it some days ago.

I was told by the beauty consultant that they have changed the formulation which is gentler to skin (previously it was Facial Treatment Cleanser). I could totally feel and see the difference right away. My skin felt soft and clean right after cleansing - no tightness at all. And I love the thick and creamy texture which foams up nicely. I now spend a few extra minutes in front of the mirror, admiring my freshly cleansed skin! ;p I can foresee myself purchasing the full size pretty soon!

Anyway, one of the products that I was a little bit skeptical when the beauty consultant explained to me was the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (toner). She said that SK-II doesn't have facial scrub and that the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion helps to remove dead skin cells so you don't really need to scrub. I was like, "oh okay" but I wasn't really convinced. I mean, it's totally normal for beauty consultants to say so many wonderful things about all of their products because that's how they attract customers to purchase, no?

But oh me, oh my.
Little that I know it was going to be one of my favorite products!

You know how rough your skin feels, especially around your nose area if you haven't scrubbed your face in weeks? Macam berkerak, if you know what I mean. Kadang-kadang nampak hidung macam berbulu putih (white heads I guess?). I was VERY surprised of how soft and smooth my skin felt, especially the skin around my nose, after just 5 days! No more "kerak"! The beauty consultant was right. Seriously, my skin felt like it had just been scrubbed (which I haven't - in weeks, if not months). I never knew a toner could do that! *loves* Definitely a great product, especially for those who are lazy busy that you can't be bothered/always forgetting to scrub (like me).

Some of the reviewers in even said the same thing (highlighted in yellow):

Anyway... 7 days have passed and I couldn't be happier with my skin! I'm in love with SK-II now. I really am. I'm slowly switching to SK-II products. The price is rather steep but ahh... it's a good investment. After a week of using the trial kit and loving the result, I decided to purchase SK-II Skin Signature Cream (moisturizer). Apparently, it's another of their best seller besides the Facial Treatment Essence. Of course the reviews on helped a lot! I just knew I had to get it after reading that two men - aged 35 and 56 - have poreless, bright and smooth skin after using it!

I also bought the the 75ml Facial Treatment Essence which comes with a trial size toner and 1 piece of mask (yay, I have 2 masks now!). Or also known as the Pitera Essence Set (retails RM199).

The Facial Treatment Essence will help to improve the 5 dimensions of crystal clear skin. It is proven that the "Miracle Water" makes your skin feels more elastic, reduces the appearance of fine lines, makes your skin look translucent, reduces hyperpigmentation, brightens skin tone and removes dull skin skin.

Got a sample of Cellumination Deep Surge,
which helps to balance skin tone from within.

If you're thinking of trying out SK-II product, you too can come down to their counters for a free skin consultation. You can find the list of SK-II counters in Malaysia and their phone numbers on this page. I would recommend purchasing the trial kit for first-timers!

Now that I'm an SK-II user, I am even more confident to bare my skin now. Just little or sometimes no makeup when I'm out and about. Let's be kind to our skin and use less makeup, ladies! And remember the pledge to bare your skin for a day! You can check out who else have been baring their skin (besides yours truly) here:

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