Monday, September 19, 2011

Bag Cleaning

I noticed the bags that I have my eyes on are mostly white and neutral colors.
Like these beauties...

Louis Vuitton

Kate Spade

Gucci and Dior

But the thing about light-colored bags is that they stain so easily! Especially white. I have 4 white bags and 2 of them are so dirty as a result of being worn to death (they are a lot dirtier than in the picture actually).

My poor bags. The Mini Lin Speedy lagi la. The material is canvas and it has become yellowish and there are brownish stains at the corners of the bag. Macam kepam jer. How do you clean your stained bags? I dare not clean the bags myself because I'm afraid of ruining them (have never tried leather cleaners for bags either), so I'm sending them away for a professional bag cleaning at Atelier. Saw the deal on Milkadeal some time ago and I bought 2 for both my bags. They are in a serious need of cleaning!

The deal has ended tho (sorry lupa nak share), but I saw a similar one, also on Milkadeal - Cleaning of any kind of handbag by Spinn Laundrette Services for only RM58. There are some before-and-after pictures and they look promising.

This is the first time I'm sending my bags for cleaning. I hope they turn out alright!


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