Monday, August 15, 2011

Pre-loved Baby Clothes For Sale & Give Away

I spent the weekend sorting out my baby's clothes. There's just too many clothes that we're running out of drawers and boxes to store all of them. It's time to let go!

I've categorized them into two - daily wear (which I'm giving away for free) and dressy (which are on sale at my blogshop Shopper's Sanctuary). All of the clothes are in excellent condition - some were only worn no more than 3 times, especially the dressy ones.

These are the ones that I'm giving away for free. Yes, FREE! Just email me the set that you want at Only one set per person tho and priorities will be given to those who purchased any baby items from my blogshop.

Set 1: Pumpkin Patch & Carter's Long sleeve rompers (size 0-3m/newborn) - taken

Set 2: Hallmark rompers (size NB-3mos & 3-6mos) - taken

Set 3: Mothercare rompers (size 0-3 months/up to 6.5kg) - taken

Set 4: Marks & Spencer rompers (size up to 1 month/up to 4.5kg) - taken

Set 5: Mothercare sleepsuits (size 0-3 months/up to 6.5kg) - taken

Set 6: Mothercare pants (size 0-3 months/up to 6.5kg) - taken

Anyways, here are some of the items on sale at Shopper's Sanctuary. They're all too cute and sayang sangat nak let go but my baby has outgrown them...

Go grab them fast, mommies!


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