Monday, July 04, 2011

Stye, Stye, Go Away!

How long does a ketumbit (stye) usually lasts?
2-3 days? A week?

If you read my tweet, you've probably know that I had a ketumbit a couple of weeks ago. Well guess what, it's still there! I've done pretty much everything - putting breast milk, garlic, I even went to see a doctor on the 3rd day and she gave me ubat sapu and an antibiotic which was supposed to kill the bacteria but nope, the ketumbit is still there and it has been more than 2 weeks now. Pffft.

This is how it looked like on the 5th day or so.

This is the second time I have ketumbit. The first time was about 10 months ago, just a few weeks after giving birth to Raina and on the same eye. But it went away after 2-3 days of applying breast milk. Didn't work this time tho.

It was kinda embarrassing so I had to wear sunnies everywhere.
(Don't worry, Ayra takde ketumbit)

I've gotten tired of wearing sunnies all the time so I decided to hide the ketumbit. I had to draw a thicker eyeliner than usual (I'm using Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner - it's my favorite eyeliner at the moment!) and used dark eyeshadow colors. It hides pretty well, no?

Don't you just love makeup?! Altho I suspect makeup is the major culprit for my ketumbit. It's either my old mascara or my dirty makeup brushes (the last time I washed them was erm... last year?) or probably both! Yikes.

My ketumbit has shrunk in size now and it's not as itchy as it was before but arghh why won't it go away already...


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