Thursday, July 07, 2011

12 Hours Marathon Buffet

I don't think I have and will ever participate in a marathon. But buffet marathon? Now that's something I like! How can a food lover like me resist something like that?!

I was invited to participate in the challenge with a bunch of bloggers at Atrium Cafe of Pyramid Tower Hotel a few Sundays ago. Apparently, it's the first ever in town and the marathon buffet is held every Sunday and public holiday, from 11am to 11pm. Yes, 12 hours of dining experience and it allows multiple entry - meaning you may go in and out of the cafe as many times as you wish and eat to your heart's content. It's basically a food lover's haven!

Ready, get set, EAT!!!

I made sure I left the house with empty stomach that day so that I can eat everything at the buffet!

There are a wide variety of food and they have a different theme every weekend - Penang Tempo, Nyonya Warm Up, Hot-N-Spicy Altitude, Hawker's Battle and Noodle Run.

Cold cuts


Soup counter

Sandwich bar

Main course section


My favorite section - desserts!

Kuih Melayu

Ice kacang

This was what I had for brunch:

The creme brulee is just divine!

I don't know the name of this green dessert but it's yummy too.
Except for the bottom part which tasted like Espresso (I don't like coffee)
so I just ate the green thing.

There was a wanton-eating challenge too. The person who can gobble up the most wantons in 3 minutes wins.

This guy won, and he was like the skinniest of all!

We also had a complimentary neck and shoulder massage by Mandara Spa at Atrium Lounge.

We were given some shopping vouchers for a retail therapy session at Sunway Pyramid mall, but hubby and I decided to watch a movie instead (we watched Super 8). Then we headed back to Atrium Cafe to have lunch. I didn't snap many photos of the food but seriously there were a lot! There were lasagne, satay, yong tau foo, porridge, pan-fried salmon fillet, nasi biryani, rendang daging minang, kari ikan bakar, salted egg prawns, braised duck with peanut and chinese herbs, roti canai, roti naan, etc etc. Basically, there are Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western cuisines.

This marathon buffet is priced at RM68++ per adult (50% off for children 12 years old and below), but is currently having a promotion for only RM55!

Did I mention the Atrium Marathon Buffet allows multiple entry? You can have fun at Sunway Lagoon, go for a spa, shop at Sunway Pyramid, watch a movie, go ice-skating and have your meals sesuka hati seberapa banyak kali at the Atrium Cafe. It's so worth it!


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