Saturday, June 11, 2011

A day trip to Madagascar, Egypt, New York and Hollywood

Before I begin, let me warn you that this is a picture heavy post!

Oh, we did not go on a round-the-world trip if that's what you think (altho I wish we would, someday ;p). We went to Universal Studios Singapore! We actually had a wedding to attend in Johor Bahru so dah alang-alang tu pergi Singapore sekali. At first we were thinking of going to USS by bus, but thank God we didn't - what with a baby and a toddler and a stroller and everything, it's too much of a hassle. So we drove there instead. Getting in and out of Singapore by car wasn't as leceh as we thought (refer here if you want more info).

We arrived at USS at around 11 am and it was already packed with people. I wasn't expecting such crowd because it was on a weekday....

In case you're wondering who took that picture of us... it was my sister-in-law. We were more than happy to let her join our trip - two of us can take turns to go on the rides while the other one can look after the kids. Good plan, no? ;D

There are 7 main attractions there - Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City and New York. The beautiful architectures and buildings reminded me of Disneyland, but a smaller version of course. Or maybe it's more like Movie World in Gold Coast, Australia kot. Entah la labu... They all look pretty much the same to me! ;p

The street of Hollywood

Guess who did we bump into?

Po, the Kungfu Panda
(Ayra was scared of it tho. Meronta-ronta!)

And umm... Mrs. Woodpecker?
(this must be Woody Woodpecker's wife)


When you have kids, of course the first ride would be... the carousel!

It's the only ride yang Raina main that day.

It was noon and we haven't had our lunch yet. So what happens when you go on a merry-go-round with an empty stomach? Perut pun jadi merry-go-round! We were famished (and a little dizzy from the ride) so we went to look for food. We walked to Far Far Away, which is not really that far actually ;p

It's great to know that there are a few Halal-certified restaurants in Universal Studios Singapore. There are also surau and Baby Centre, located near the entrance. There is no ablution area in the surau tho, so you have to take wudhu at the nearby restroom.

Food is expensive, but that was expected.

Had Fish Wraps

This lil girl is more interested with the criss-cross fries than her food

After lunch, we went to watch Shrek 4D and the Donkey LIVE shows. They were quite entertaining but for Shrek 4D show, we had to sit at the stationary seats since we were with children, so we couldn't feel the rocking effect of the seats.

Just so you know, there are single and double strollers for rentals so tak payah susah-susah bawa your own stroller (but the strollers are not suitable for babies tho).

Royal Cuteness

Didn't go on any rides at the Lost World

The Canopy Flyer looks fun tho.

And then we arrived in Egypt!

Hello super tall sexy man

Revenge Of The Mummy is my favorite ride of all! It's the only "grown-up" ride I rode that day. Hubby waited outside with the girls while me and my SIL went for the ride. It's an indoor roller-coaster and the darkness just makes the ride unexpected and thrilling. Best!

Babies are allowed on this Treasure Hunter's ride tapi malas
because the waiting time was 25 minutes.

Battlestar Galactica in Sci-Fi City. It's the tallest pair of dueling roller coasters in the world!
But I will never ride on that kind of roller-coaster. Not in a million years.

Just look at that, tergantung macam tu. Scaryyy!

New York

There were various funny hats on display outside a shop that sells hats and accessories. I wasn't sure if they were for sale or for photography purposes but everyone else were trying them on and taking pictures so we did too!

Went inside the shop and there were funny sunglasses too

And hats for kids!

Buatlah macam jalan sendiri ;p

We ended the trip with a little bit of shopping at the Universal Studios Store.

I remember buying "World's Greatest Super Boyfriend" trophy
from Disneyland Paris for my then-boyfriend, now-husband.

It's my turn to get a trophy. Wait, make it two! *ehem*

These Betty Boop hair brushes are so cute!

Ayra had her eyes on something

Teddy bear!
And she refused to leave the store -_-

She was even more excited when she saw this human-sized kitty cat, Puss In Boots!
"Cat! Cat! It's A CATTTT!"

We spent almost the whole day in Universal Studios Singapore but there are some rides and shows that we missed/didn't ride. Turned out, the official Grand Opening ceremony was on that day and because of that, the USS closed earlier than usual - at 6pm.

Overall it was fun. Would love to go there again and ride on the ones that we didn't manage to!


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