Friday, May 13, 2011

When a sedan is not enough

I think we need a bigger car.

We only have 2 small children and their stuff alone takes up half the space in the car already! There's the stroller, car seat, baby carrier and a baby bag - the 4 essential items we must have in the car wherever we go. Ayra refuses to sit in the car seat since a couple of months ago so she seats at the back, strapped to the seat belt. I had to squeeze myself in the middle. Imagine if there are 2 car seats. Pengsan!

We bought our current car when we had our first child. It was okay back then. But now that we have two children, it's kinda difficult to travel around in comfort, especially if it's a long car ride or even if it's just for grocery shopping. The bulky stroller takes up a lot of space in the trunk of the car (and we're planning to get a second stroller or a double/tandem one sooner or later which is even more bulky!), what with the grocery items and everything... There's not an empty space left!

This is when I use my eco-friendly shopping bags to stuff my grocery items. But at times when I forgot to bring them (yeah well, these things happened), the boot is so full to the brim!

And yes, the front seat is also taken.

Well that's grocery shopping.

Can you imagine if we go traveling? One luggage for me, plus a vanity case and one bag just for my shoes, one luggage for my husband, one luggage for my girls (wait till they're older; they would want to have their own luggage!), the kids' feeding equipment (bottles, milk, sterilizer, breast pump, etc), pillows... the list goes on. Macam nak pindah rumah!

Don't get me wrong. I am thankful of what we currently have. I really do. But a sedan won't be enough to accommodate our growing family, especially when the kids are bigger and if we're planning to have more children in the future... right?

So yeah, we need a bigger car. An MPV or something.
Hmm that would be nice.


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