Monday, May 30, 2011

Mother-and-daughters' day out

I did something a little crazy the other day.

No, I did not shave my head bald.

I went shopping ALONE with my kids and only one stroller!

In the world of motherhood, that is considered as crazy. Some of my twitter mommy-friends even said it was suicidal! The chaos and temper tantrums of a 2-year-old is enough to wear you out and drive you insane, what with a baby and everything. That's the reason why I had never been anywhere without my husband when the kids are around.

But that day after we were done applying for Raina's passport in Putrajaya, I told my husband to drop us off at The Gardens. He had a meeting so I thought I could do a little bit of shopping with my girls while waiting for him.

He looked at me as if I was talking nonsense and kept on asking, "Are you sure? Can you handle them ALONE in a big shopping mall?".

Uhh... To be honest, I wasn't really sure but I would never know if I didn't try, kan? (of course I didn't tell him that). Plus, I am alone with my 2 girls for 8 hours a day (sometimes even more), 5 days a week. I can do this, I thought to myself. It's only gonna be for a couple of hours. It can't be that hard, can it?

So I told my husband not to worry and that we'll be fine.

And guess what? Things went really well and I was surprised by how well-behaved my girls were. It was great! They were asleep when we arrived so that was a good start. Ayra was strapped in the stroller and I wore Raina in the baby carrier. They slept for a good 30 minutes. I even managed to shop for shoes!

This sandal is so comfy. And I love the sunny color!

Wearing your baby while trying on various shoes wasn't as tricky as I thought. And I didn't even need to sit down (actually I think sitting down would be harder). Thank God Raina is a small baby!

Good morning!

Not long after that, Ayra woke up - smiling. She was in a good mood! I took them for a window-shopping (this time, Raina was strapped in the stroller while I walked hand in hand with Ayra) before making a trip to the baby changing room to feed and change their diapers.

And then we went to Dome to grab some lunch. Can you believe they did not cry and scream their lungs out the entire time?? They just sat quietly in their seats like little angels. It was like a miracle. Ayra, who usually refuse to eat anything, even ate the pasta that I had.

Give her a piece of paper and some color pencils and she's all good!

Played let's count the sugar sachets

I managed to eat my meal in peace!

Feeding time. Again.

At about 6pm, my husband came and was surprised I was in one piece.
I told him we'd be fine, didn't I? *smug*

Suddenly I cannot wait for them to grow up a little and go shopping together!


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