Sunday, May 08, 2011

Good Widow

We had never been on a holiday trip ever since Raina was born... until last weekend. My husband's board-game friends (yea they hang out like once a week to play board games!) organized a family day trip at Wadi Samrah. It was the shortest trip we've ever had but it was amazing!

To be honest, I've never heard of Wadi Samrah before. When my husband told me we were going there, I was like, "Wadi what? Is it in Indonesia?". I was picturing an old man named Pak Wadi, in a batik-print Javanese hat. Suka hati!

Turns out, Wadi Samrah is the name of a private resort in Janda Baik. And boy, the place is so beautiful! It's perfect for families because everything is there. There are two villas, swimming pool, jacuzzi, children's playhouse, Samrah tower, barbeque area, etc. I didn't manage to snap pictures of the whole resort tho, but you can view more at

Ayra was talking to her Tok Ummi on the phone nak beritahu dah sampai!

My sister-in-law joined us too

View from our bedroom. Can you see the river?

Yeap, there's a river behind our villa!

That is the children's pondok. There are toys inside!


"Ants! Ants!"

TV room

The guys spent most of the time playing board games! I was thinking that I could probably join them if there was Scrabble but no... these were the kind of board games they played:

Got car-racing game also ok!

This is the dining area.

We had barbeque!

Baked potato with cheese and mushroom

Barbecued lamb. Yum!

The next morning, we went for a swim in the river. Well, I didn't actually swim la - just my kaki. The water was icy cold! Ayra takut mandi sungai (probably because it was too cold), but not Raina. That little girl loves water!

She's trying to pick up the pasir

Seksi bebeh

More board games.

The children had their own activities too.


Playing bubbles

Exploring the area

But this lil one just wants to hang out with mommy

Pakcik eskrem datang!

Can you believe that was my first time eating roti ice-cream?? Not bad.

And just look how cute are these girls, hanging out together enjoying their ice-creams!

Ahhhh.... It feels great to be able to get out of the city once in awhile and surround myself with tropical greenery and fresh air. I miss the place already!


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