Friday, May 06, 2011

The Food Snatcher

I let Ayra watched her favorite DVD and gave her a slice of wholemeal bread with Nutella to eat while I cooked lunch the other day.

About 5 minutes later, I heard her shouting, "Roti! Roti!".

I went to the living room, thinking that maybe she dropped the bread on the floor or threw it out of the window or something. But no.

Raina snatched the bread from her and ATE IT!

Oh well. I guess a little bit of chocolate won't hurt?

She was mad when I took the bread from her. Sorry sayang, tunggu dah besar macam kakak baru boleh makan roti sapu Nutella ok.

That wasn't the first time Raina had ever snatched food from her sister, by the way. Botol susu, air kotak Milo and roti krim Gardenia are some of them! Aiyoo...


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