Monday, May 23, 2011

Confessions of a Clean Freak

My husband calls me a "clean freak".
Well yeah. Maybe I am.

My mom told me that I've been "scared" of dirt and grime since I was so little. She said I would freak out when I saw anything dusty, muddy, yucky - well, basically anything dirty and filthy. They once had an experiment on me where she and my dad took some dirty kain lap and placed them around me in a three-quarter circle, leaving a small opening where I could get myself out of the "dirty circle". But I just stood there in the middle, crying and begging them to save me from the dirty kain lap! And they thought it was funny -__-

Since then I've been afraid of dirt. And it didn't help that my skin is somewhat sensitive. Whenever my skin touched anything dirty and germy, my skin would turn so red and nasty!

Becoming a mother made my fear of dirt and germs even worse. Kids are always so active and playful and they want to touch, taste, poke, push, climb anything they can get their hands and feet on! Their curious nature causes them to be more exposed to germs. I'm constantly worried about that. I don't know how many times I wash my hands in a day with a hand wash before handling my kids, especially my baby - countless time!

Playing and arranging my shoes is one of Ayra's favorite things to do.

And then there's the playground.

I don't know how much germs Ayra has touched just by playing on the slide!

Lepas tu pegang-pegang muka. Eeek!!
*Mysophobia alert*

Oh, and did you know supermarket shopping trolleys have more germs than public toilets?
Yeah, read here if you don't believe me.

With everything being contaminated by germs, it's almost impossible to keep my kids clean all the time. They touch everything they can get their hands on and being kids, they put their hands into their mouths. But I can't just forbid my kids from exploring the world around them, can I?

Exploring their environment helps them learn and develop. That's when I turn to Dettol for comfort and protection!

My family is currently using these three:
Active, Skincare and Herbal.

Showering isn't just a routine to freshen up. With Dettol, I'm assured that my family is clean through and thorough. What's even better is the improved fragrance within the Dettol range.

I use Dettol Skincare not because it's pink, but because it has added moisturizer which suits my dry skin. I love the smell and soft, supple feeling of my skin every time I shower with it. And the baby-ish fragrance is lovely!

My husband plays futsal and badminton every week and of course he sweats a lot when he plays. His choice is Dettol Active as it targets germs that causes body odour, leaving him smelling good and feeling confident all day!

My 2-year-old is currently using Dettol Herbal. I chose that for her because its aloevera and botanical extracts and clinically-proven mild formula, which I think is perfect for children the most. With this, I can stop worrying every time she starts exploring something new.

She enjoys her bath time as much as I love the fact that she is protected from germs.

I'm thoroughly happy that my family each has their preferred Dettol variant. We're getting the best of both worlds with Dettol's enhanced fragrances and its long-standing history in germ protection. Showering is no longer just a routine, but an experience!

This new range has made my life easier! What's even better is that Dettol shower gels come in as many as seven (7) variants, catering to different individual with unique needs, not just for those with rashes. It's suitable for everyday use, even for children.

Which variant would be your preferred choice?

I don't have to worry much now because Dettol keeps me and my family squeaky clean and protects from those nasty germs. I can finally have a peace of mind!


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