Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shoes shoes and more shoes!

When I first heard of Shoe Festival, I was like...


Of course there were.

I tweeted my girlfriend, asking her if she'd like to go - and well of course she would! Girls and shoes are inseparable! ;p So off we went to PWTC on a Sunday afternoon, while my husband had a taste of what it feels like to be a househusband! That was actually the first time he looked after the kids by himself (usually it's my mother-in-law). I wasn't really worried tho because he's been helping me with the kids even when I'm around - like diaper changing, bathing, preparing milk for Ayra, warming expressed breast milk for Raina...those kinds of stuff.

So anyway, the Shoe Festival.

We arrived at around 1 pm and of course the place was jam-packed with people (and shoes!). The first thing that sprung to my mind when I saw the crowd was the fight scene in 'Confession of a Shopaholic' where Becky wrestled with another shopper at a sample sale for a pair of Gucci boots! But of course there was no shoe-fighting at the Shoe Festival.

This is Dr. Fatin (she blogs too!)

And this is Suraya (she hates the camera!)

I had high expectations for the shoe festival particularly because Dato' Jimmy Choo launched it so I thought there would be lots of branded shoes on sale, or brands like Aldo, Nine West, Guess, OR at least local brands like Eclipse and Vincci. There weren't. Most of the brands were unheard of (at least to us) and the only familiar ones were Zang Toi, Fiorucci, Nose, Sketchers and Carlo Rino.

But it was kinda fun feasting our eyes on so many types of shoes. Let's start with Jimmy Choo, shall we?

Love the diamond-encrusted heel!

This Nyonya Shoe is made of chocolate!

Biggest capal ever (that is capal, right?)

Wood-carved shoes

Skyscraper shoes, anyone?
(I think those are 9-inch heels!)

Mask shoes

Dragonfly shoe

When we were done with feasting our eyes, it was time to feast our feet pulak!

"Is this sandal too girly?"

"Ok ke kasut ni?"

"What about this one?"

"This sequin shoe is kinda cool, doncha think?"


My favorite part of the Shoe Festival is the Footwear Design Competition! The shoes were all so quirky and it made me think, "How the heck did they come up with the ideas?". So creative! I think these shoes would make a cool perhiasan kat rumah. No really, I'm serious! They should sell it la.

My favorite of all. Love the swirly design.
I think I would even buy it if it was on sale!

1st prize winner

Despite the limited brands of shoes, we managed to grab some from Fiorucci and Zang Toi. Mine are both black patent.

Love the Fiorucci's snakeskin wedge heel! That's the only reason why I bought them even though I know I cannot wear pumps (I can only wear slingbacks). But that's okay, I will practice and do whatever it takes to be able to walk in them!

Speaking of which, I could really do with a foot spa. I was in 5-inch heels for 5 hours that day (we went to Jusco Taman Maluri later after that to have our late lunch) and I haven't been taking good care of my feet.

This deal from looks interesting - RM38 for Classic Manicure + Spa Pedicure + Soothing Gel Feet Soak + Hands & Feet Massage & Cuticle Treatment. Can't remember the last time I scrubbed and moisturized my feet; maybe it's time!

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