Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lumix LX3 vs iPhone 4 camera

Ok, now I want an iPhone 4. It takes awesome pictures! More awesome than my point-and-shoot camera actually.

See the comparison below:

Taken using my Lumix LX3

Taken using my husband's iPhone 4

Do note that I did not photoshop any of these pictures except for resizing and putting watermarks. You can totally see the difference kan? iPhone 4 camera takes brighter and clearer picture.

Anyway, how long does a compact camera usually lasts? Because I've only used my Lumix LX3 for about a year and it doesn't take great pictures like it used to. I'm not sure why. Lately the pictures always turn out kinda blurry (as pictured above) and I will have to edit the brightness, contrast, back light, yada yada yada. Anyone using this camera facing the same problem?

Maybe I should take up hubby's offer about iPhone 4. Or better yet, wait for the white iPhone 4.
When will it be available anyway?


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