Saturday, April 09, 2011

Little girls like to imitate their moms

It was around noon and I was getting ready to head out for our usual weekend outing. When Ayra saw me reaching for my bag, she reached for her pink bag and slung it over her shoulder. Then I said, "Ok let's go, take your pink shoes".

Instead of taking her shoes from the drawer where I put them, she went to my shoe rack and took MY pink shoes that my sister bought from Perth.

"Pinkkk shoessss"
she said. She put them on and clip-clopped towards the door. My jaw dropped. My 2-year-old can walk in 5-inch heels?!!

It took me a few minutes to tell her that those are my shoes and that she cannot wear them because they're too high and too big for her. She uttered something in German which I didn't quite understand except for the part, "Mama shoes? Oooh mama shoes!!", then took them off, put them back in the shoe rack and happily wore her pink shoes. Phew!

Little girls like to imitate their moms, don't they?
Tu baru bab kasut, belum bab makeup.

These photos were taken last week, by the way. Of all the shoes I have, that pair of pink shoes is the one she's really into!

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