Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chicken & Mushroom Pasta at My Apartment

This is The Apartment's Chicken & Mushroom Pasta.

And this is MY apartment's Chicken & Mushroom Pasta. Tee-hee!

This chicken & mushroom pasta is actually my first time cooking pasta that is not tomato or cream based. After having it for the third time at The Apartment, I decided to try making my own using err... my instincts. I mean, the ingredients are all there in the pasta - chicken, mushrooms, garlic, cherry tomatoes, rocket.

The rest hentam saja.

A little bit of chili flakes, a splash of Italian zesty dressing, a bit of this, a bit of that and it's done. It's not exactly the same like The Apartment's of course - my version is spicier!

And the best bit of all?

My fussy little eater actually liked it! (I think because it was spicy).


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