Monday, February 07, 2011

A trip to KL Bird Park

Some people are afraid of cats. Some are afraid of dogs.

I'm afraid of birds (and no, it's not funny).

I was once chased by a crow when I was a kid. I was on my way walking to my class when I saw a crow digging into a pile of garbage in the middle of the assembly area, just a few feet away from me. I thought to myself, "Eee yuck, makan sampah!". And then as if the crow could hear my thoughts, it started to chase me! Stupid crow.

I started running frantically to the nearest classroom, with my hands covering my head. It was scary. Thank God nothing happened to me. But ever since that incident, I am not fond of birds. Especially crows. I hate crows.

But guess where did I went to the other day?

KL Bird Park!

But there were no crows so it was okay.

We wanted to take Ayra to see the animals because the only real animals Ayra has ever seen are cats and dogs. And cockroaches, if you count them as animal. We were actually planning to go to the zoo, Aquaria, as well as the bird park during the Chinese New Year holiday but only managed to go to the latter one. But that's okay. There's plenty of time to go to the other two places! (Did you know Martha Stewart went to the KL Bird Park last year? Saya baru tahu).

My sister-in-law joined us too.

So the KL Bird Park is actually the largest free-flight walk-in aviary in the world. The birds fly around freely! There are birds on the trees, on the trails, in the pond, on the fence; there are birds EVERYWHERE. I was scared they would attack or chase us because they are mostly wild birds! But just as long as you don't kacau them, then they won't kacau you.

I thought these birds were statues because they just stood still.
Rupanya burung betul.

Ayra wanted to touch the bird and I shrieked no!

Koi pond

You can buy this fish and bird food to feed them.

There are so many types of birds we saw including parrots, cockatoos, hornbills, flamingos, storks, black swans, ostrich, emu, cassowaries, owls, eagles, etc...

But my favorite bird of all is the peacock. I think it's the most beautiful bird and the colors of their feathers are absolutely stunning! These photos just don't do justice.

They too, roam freely around the park (even on the trees)

Showing off!

So. Beautiful.

Waterfall Aviary

"Pish! Pish!"

There's a playground too.

And yes that's me on the swing. Lepas gian!

Ayra tunjuk perasaan nak main slide lagi

But finally calmed down when she saw these cute chicks and ducklings.

Now this is pretty interesting.

It's an incubator for hatching eggs
and those are newborn chicks! Awwh!

We spent about 2 hours at the bird park and unfortunately, we didn't get to watch the bird show at the Amphitheater. But we did took a photo with the birds. I mean, what's a trip to the bird park without a photo of you with the birds, right? Even if you're afraid of birds, like yours truly.

Yes, that's a freaking hornbill on my lap. And it's almost as big as Ayra!

I'm still afraid of birds tho.


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