Thursday, January 13, 2011

My girls at 4 months

People often ask me, who does Raina look like?

Most people say she looks like me. Some say she looks like Ayra when she was a baby. A few say she has my husband's certain traits.

Well if you ask me, I think both my girls have a mixture of me and my husband (I mean of course, we're their parents!). They both have my eyebrows and my husband's dimples. But Ayra takes after my husband because she has his eyes and nose. And Raina has my eyes and nose so she looks more like me.

I found this photo of Ayra when she was 4 months old, wearing the same romper as Raina was wearing yesterday, and the same bedding too! I decided to snap some photos.

April 2009: Ayra 4 months old

Currently (January 2011): Raina 4 months old

One thing for sure, Raina's hisap-dua-jari habit is inherited from her aunt!

Anyway, I showed these two photos to my husband and pointed out that we've been using the same old bedding since 2 years ago (that, and two others). Of course when I said that, I actually meant: We NEED a new bedding!

But men are men. Instead of replying "Come on let's go buy a new bedding set right now!", he said:
Oh baguslah, cadar tu tahan lama. Let's see if it can tahan for 2 more years

Hmmphh! -_-


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