Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Favorite Chocolate Dessert

You know what's almost impossible to get when you have small kids?
Peaceful mealtimes.

Ayra enjoying a cup of BabyCino at Dome Cafe.
Of course this only lasted for 30 seconds before she jumped up and down the table!

Ayra is at the stage where she just wants to RUN everywhere - which is totally fine but come mealtime, it can be exasperating! Don't get me wrong, I love my kids so much but at times they can make me go GRRR and turn me into a hungry lion!

Yes I know it's normal for toddlers her age to act that way because they have short attention spans, and sitting and waiting at the table can be hard for them.

But the other day, we managed to enjoy our meal (or rather, desserts) in peace! It was almost 10pm and after an exhausting day at the mall with a toddler and a baby, we went to The Apartment to get our dessert fix before heading home.

A few seconds after ordering, Ayra started to throw her tantrums. It was obvious she was tired after all that running for the whole day so my husband took her out for a stroll, leaving me and Raina at the table.

When this dessert came, I texted my husband: "Eton dah datang!".

Yes, the name of this dessert is Eton Mess. Funny name, eh? It's actually meringue with strawberries, whipped cream and strawberry sauce. It was quite sweet but then again, meringues are supposed to be sweet, aren't they? I still prefer Alexis' Mixed Fruit Meringue tho.

"Mama, nak sikit"

Then came our next dessert - the Baked Chocolate Pudding. I think this is the best chocolate dessert I've ever had! It's even better than CPK's Chocolate Souffle Cake (wait, Chocolate Souffle and Baked Chocolate Pudding are the same thing, right?)

Anyway, the baked chocolate pudding.

My goodness, it was heavenly! The warm chocolate pudding is so rich and creamy with a burst of coffee in the center. It is served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream but I prefer eating it on its own.

What's even better was that Ayra was sleeping in the stroller the whole time while we were indulging in our desserts (and Raina was as calm as ever). It was a great way to end the day.

Now there's a good excuse to go to KLCC more often! ;p

And the Baked Chocolate Pudding..... Seriously if you are a chocoholic or having a mad chocolate craving, you MUST try it!


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