Saturday, December 04, 2010

No, you're not at the wrong blog

This is still The Pink Stilettos.

I was just testing out Blogger's Template Designer feature and the next thing I know, I changed the whole thing! I don't actually mind losing the old template tho because I kind of hate it (too cutesy-girly) and believe me, I had been wanting to change to a different one since years ago.

Please excuse me while my blog is undergoing a major construction yea. I know, it's not pink at all. I will edit the template - change the background color or opt for a different template or something....I don't know. I'll figure out later.

Stay tuned!

p/s: I revamped my blogshop too!


Decided to switch back to my old template while we (my husband and I) work on the new one because all the comments in my previous posts disappeared (I forgot my Haloscan/JS-kit password boleh tak?!), plus the previous template was too "serious"! ;p


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