Monday, December 06, 2010

MIX fm wants to hear from you

Hey, did you know about the MIX fm Radio Tune-Up survey that is currently running?

Basically the survey is to help MIX fm improve what it does, says and plays so that it can serve its listeners better. It's your chance to tell them what exactly do you want from MIX fm - it could be about the music, DJs, daily shows, contests, prizes, whatever. And get this, when you take part in the survey, you could stand a chance to win the cool iPhone 4!

Hello, beautiful. Would you be mine?

I love answering survey questions if they are close-ended. Just tick, tick and tick! Easy-peasy.

There are a few open-ended questions too. It's pretty simple altho I had no idea how to answer this question: "What do you think is missing on breakfast radio shows in Malaysia?".

I answered "Food" ;p
No seriously, I answered food! I am so lame.

To be honest, I rarely listen to the radio so I don't really know what's on breakfast radio shows except for the prank calls (love that!), the traffic updates and umm... songs. I don't even know the current popular songs! You know, the first page of the MIX fm survey is a list of songs where you have to rate according to your favorite and I only know about 30% of it!

I think I need to listen to the radio more often now. I don't know how many times I caught myself humming Five Little Ducks, Head Shoulder Knees And Toes, Alif Baa Taa and ABC songs while I'm doing housework; heck even when I'm in the shower! And then when I realized I was humming those songs I'd go like, "Why am I humming this song??". So not cool!

Well the thing about humming songs is that, you always hum the songs that you listen to the most or songs that you last heard. In my case, it's always nursery rhymes! I sing nursery rhymes to my kids like all the time, especially Ayra because she's in that stage where she likes to dance and sing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy singing to my kids but I don't like it when the songs get stuck in my head for days! I need to listen to my songs! I need to listen to the radio!

I was delighted to find out there's MIX fm app on iPhone. I downloaded it right away.

And I like it already because they play songs from the 90s!!!

Ok, now go take the survey at

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