Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ayra turns 2

I still remember the day when I received the weekly email from entitled, "My Toddler This Week" when Ayra just turned 1 year old. Toddler! It sounded strange. I was used to getting "My Baby This Week" emails that I couldn't get my head around it. My baby is not a baby anymore! She's a toddler!

It took me months to finally realized that she is no longer a baby. Then just a couple of days ago - on December 6th, I got an email from "My Preschooler This Week". No! Why is she growing up too fast?! It's kinda scary how fast time flies, isn't it? Makes me want to appreciate every moment with her, even her tantrums and meltdowns. Such bittersweet moments.

We celebrated her birthday a day earlier by the way. No party; it was a mini celebration with just us family. Went to the Gap Casting Call too but more on that later.

Lepas makan, lap meja.

This house costs RM1000+. Ada sesiapa nak belikan? ;p


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