Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ayra's Version of ABC song

All moms get excited and proud with every development and progress their child makes, no matter how big or small. And I am no different from those moms! Well we should be, right?

At 22 months old, Ayra can already recognize:

  • Body parts - eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue, teeth, bellybutton, hair, head, elbow, hands, feet and fingers (she can point to several body parts when we asked her to, since she was about 14 months old).
  • Basic shapes - circle, triangle, square, oval, rectangle, star, crescent, heart and diamond.
  • Basic colors - purple, red, black, pink, yellow, green, blue, white, brown and orange.
  • Animals - cat, duck, fish, dog, bird, chicken, horse, tiger, bee, whale, octopus, elephant, monkey, butterfly, sheep, bear, rabbit and panda.
  • Fruits - apple, banana, grape, orange and strawberry.
  • Random things like ball, train, shoes, socks, carrot, xylophone, violin, drum, flower, umbrella, bed, table, chair, spoon, milk, car, bus, boat, book, clock, kite, etc etc.

Of course she recognizes those things more than she can pronounce them but that's great too and I'm still proud of her achievements. I'm sure in just a few months' time she can say most, if not all of those words. Baby steps! I just need to encourage and teach her more.

Anyway, Ayra just recently learned numbers 1-10 and the alphabets, based on the ABC song. My God, she just loves the ABC song so much! She would sing that at least 18 times a day; sometimes she sings to her baby sis when she cries and she even sings herself to sleep! She hasn't fully hafal all of the alphabets tho, so she would just bantai whatever sound she thinks is right. It's so freaking funny!

Here's a video of Ayra and my husbands's cousin's daughter, singing the ABC song. You won't get to see Ayra being this "hyper" in person tho coz she is so shy around other people!


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